ARTIVINCO uses raw materials that protect the environment and assure the quality of its products. The production of paper and corrugated packaging is made from raw materials derived from renewable sources. Papel
Papel„o Ondulado
ARTIVINCO seeks sustainable growth through value generation. And it has become a benchmark in actions aiming to protect the environment throughout its production process.
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Research and Services
ARTIVINCO is committed to constantly improving all its activities, thus ensuring the quality of its products, processes and services.
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ARTIVINCO has three industrial facilities: A plant that produces paper, and two other plants that produce sheets and corrugated packaging. The plants are strategically located which enables flexibility and agility in logistics and fast delivery of our products to all segments of the market.
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Plant I - Sales: 55 11 4534.7604 | Plants II and III - Sales: 55 16 3954.9111
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